CBD OF DENVER, INC. (CBDD) Confirms Second Product Release

DENVER, Jan. 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- CBD of Denver, Inc. (OTC CBDD) is pleased to announce our second product offering, a unique 100% Organic Full Spectrum, CBD Dark Spot Reducer. This all-natural product does not contain any added chemicals and is produced with 0% THC.

Dark spots are formed by extra melanin deposits in the skin. This natural pigment actually protects the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays. After long term UV exposure, the skin produces extra melanin that, unfortunately creates Dark, Brown or "Age Spots". Our new exclusive formula utilizes the natural healing properties of our Organic Full Spectrum Whole Plant CBD Extract containing 0% THC, with a variety of proprietary essentials oils.

CBD Dark Spot Reducer will be available for purchase on Saturday at either www.cbdhealthprofessionals.com or www.cbddarkspotreducer.com

CBD Social Network www.cbdsocialnetwork.com is continuing to populate with new members, and we are quite pleased with the response. We invite you to join and keep connected with other CBD users. Our new liqueur flavored 0% THC Full Spectrum Whole Plant CBD Tinctures are available at www.cbdhealthprofessionals.com. Thank you for your support.

We are excited about the future at CBD of Denver, Inc., and our lab has been working overtime on development and ongoing demands.


DENVER, Jan. 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- CBD of Denver, Inc. (OTC: CBDD) is proud to announce the company has released their first CBD offering, new tinctures that are flavored to taste like your favorite liqueur. Revolutionizing the CBD industry and redefining the image of hemp products, this Organic Full Spectrum-Whole Plant CBD extract is one of the finest available in today's marketplace.

The new tincture is packaged in 30ml (1oz) bottles and with an industry first, the pipettes are marked so you can measure the same exact dose each time. The tincture works great as an additive to your morning coffee, for the quick pick me up or sublingual (under the tongue). The products are available at www.cbdhealthprofessionals.com.

CBD of Denver, Inc. explains;

"Launching this new CBD product in the rapidly growing CBD market reflects the commitment of CBD of Denver, Inc. to develop and commercialize product innovations and provide our company with a competitive advantage."

"We identified a market need and the product development team at CBD of Denver, Inc. was able to capitalize on this opportunity. We will continue to develop a robust portfolio of superior quality CBD products and innovations."

CBDD Announces No Reverse Stock Split

DENVER, Jan. 8 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- CBD of Denver, Inc. (OTC: CBDD) is pleased to announce that the company will not be conducting a reverse stock split of CBDD common stock in the foreseeable future.

The company was recently granted an official name and symbol change, allowing them to push forward with their transition into the CBD industry. Nicholas Sprung, CEO of CBDD stated, "I am pleased to announce, in response to shareholder inquiries, CBD of Denver, Inc. does not anticipate a reverse stock split in the foreseeable future." Now that our name change is complete, our focus is to increase Revenues, Profitability and enhance value for all our Shareholders. CBD of Denver is aiming to take full advantage of all opportunities made possible by the company's recent transition into the CBD industry.

CBD of Denver, Inc. (OTC: CBDD) Membership Invitation

DENVER, Jan. 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- 4:20 am MST -- We invite all of our shareholders and anyone interested in the CBD market to sign up with our CBD Social Network, www.cbdsocialnetwork.com. Members will be able to interact with CBD users from around the world. We will be sending out discount codes to all members for future products and products available through our collaboration partners. As a member, you will also have exclusive access to accurate information on the health benefits of CBD, which we continually update. The head of our IT Department, Maurice Bright has indicated that even though our social network is still in the development stage, the site is getting an incredible amount of daily hits from around the world.

CBD of Denver, Inc. (OTC: CBDD) Name Change Effective

DENVER, Nov. 19, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- CBD of Denver, Inc. (OTC: CBDD) is pleased to announce that the Company's official name and symbol change is complete. The head of our IT Department, Maurice Bright, has completed the build of www.cbdsocialnetwork.com. The site is live and as it populates it will connect CBD users from around the world, providing a platform for participants in this rapidly expanding industry. CBD of Denver is ready to take full advantage of all opportunities made possible by the Company's recent transition, and will be making additional announcements soon as we offer new products and services.